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The frame size is approximately 180mm x 160mm.


This frame fits all 180mm x 160mm and 160mm x 180mm papercuts. 
There is a hanging clip that can be moved so the frame can be used for both horizontal and vertical pictures.

There are flexi-pins on the back to hold the picture in the frame.


To insert the papercut:
1. Bend back (don't remove) the flexi-pins and remove the backing board and paper. 
2. Move the hanging clip if necessary to the middle of the appropriate side. (Normally the frames are set up for horizontal pictures so this is a required step if the picture is to hang vertically).
3. Place the picture in the frame.
4. Reinsert the paper and backing board.
5. Bend down the flexi-pins to hold the backing board in place.

Frame - 180mm x 160mm Black

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