ORIGINAL HAND-CUT silhouette papercuts by John Speight.


The size of the papercuts are approximately 86mm x 59mm. 

The outside of the mount is approximately 180mm x 233mm.



These are original silhouette papercuts, not prints. Each picture is hand-cut by myself (John Speight) using a scalpel and is then mounted onto watercolour paper that has been airbrushed with a precise mixture of three acrylic inks. The pictures are supplied unframed and in a hand-signed mount.
The designs are replicated but as each picture is individually cut there are small differences that make each an original artwork.
The silhouettes come packaged with a backing board in clear polypropylene, and a sticker is enclosed saying that it is a hand-cut silhouette, cut with a scalpel by John Speight. The sticker is for sticking on the back of the frame after framing.
Also enclosed is a flyer entitled "About Your Silhouette" which explains how the papercut is made and tells a little about my family's papercutting history. 
I normally dispatch pictures within five working days.



All the papercuts are copyright protected. Purchase of a papercut does not include copyright or any reproduction rights. 

Dunstanburgh Castle Pair